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What people are saying about LaffNosis - The Doug West Comedy Hypnosis Show!!


This was a great FUN!! The only downside is that my jaws ached from laughing so hard.  I highly recommend The Doug West Comedy Hypnosis.
 - Janet Berger

“We had a great show, great time, and I feel so much better than when I walked up on stage, I feel brand new, Thank you”
- Bill Gallager
Skyforest Elks

Doug was hilarious, while still being sensitive and watchful over his volunteer's!  The humor was clean and the audience enjoyed themselves immensely.  Additionally, if any of you or your company's are looking for some fun entertainment, give Doug a call!


Colleen Reyes

I was in the show tonight and I had the best time of my life. It was so much fun and I would do it again in a minute. 
– Christina

“Thank you very much.  We had a great time here Doug.  There were about 40 people in the room here you picked about a dozen of us and we all enjoyed it a great deal I know I personally did and I didn’t see the audience because I was up front but they were sure laughing so we had a good good time

Thank you again.

- Guy Hocker, President
Hawthorne Kiwanis Club

First, a hearty thank you for a great performance.  I can say that the staff that "snuck in" to see parts of the show were extremely delighted.  I also think that the crowd genuinely enjoyed itself.  While I realize that it might be difficult to hypnotize children, the two who volunteered made the performance. They were truly special all the way from the beginning of the performance when you had them making engine sounds to the end when you had one say, "The hypnotist is a fake."

I can honestly say the Foothill Ranch Library would more than welcome you back for an encore performance. In addition, I highly recommend Doug's show.


Dan De Neve
Young Adult Services Librarian
Foothill Ranch Library

“It turned out beautifully, it was wonderful,  everyone enjoyed themselves and I had make-up on to begin with but I laughed so hard that I had tears rolling down my cheeks all night long,. and now I have no make-up on -  it was fantastic – Thank you”
- Sandi Avery, Lodge Manager
Skyforest Elks

“My name is Danny Juarez and I just enjoyed a fantastic show.  It’s my first time seeing hypnosis, and I really enjoyed it.  It’s kinda scary seeing how much power  someone can have over someone’s actions but I really enjoyed the show and hope to see something like this again.”
- Danny Juarez
Mayor of the City of Hawthorne

Hi Doug:

Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful night of fun.  The daughter of my secretary, Kailin (she about 13 years old), was one of your volunteers.  Apparently, you got her to do all kinds of crazy stuff.  Her sister, who also attended your show, couldn't stop laughing.  Poor Kailin, she can't remember a thing.

Anyway, thanks again for sharing your talents with the rest of us.

- John Nakashima

I was one of the participants on stage and it was amazing how I didn’t care about doing whatever Doug asked me to do, there was no fear because all of the volunteers on stage were treated with respect, it was amazing and I will probably do it again. 
-  Kim Jolson

“I never believed too much in these Hypnotic shows, and I saw this show and it was the most fun thing I have ever seen in my life, its true, it was wonderful, I loved it. This is the most fun thing that I have ever done in my life besides having sex.” 
- Don Markee
Skyforest Elks

Dear Doug,

I'd like to thank you for the Comedy Hypnotism show you presented at the Foothill Ranch Library last week. It is hard to find a program that will appeal to a broad audience, but your show was wonderfully funny and captivated the audience of kids and adults. Your showmanship and understanding of human nature enabled you to get people to do funny things without making fun of them. That's quite a talent! I look forward to having you return to the Library for another performance.

All the best

Paula Bruce. Branch Manager
Foothill Ranch Library/OCPL

 This has got to be the most wonderful show that I have ever participated in. And I have never done this before and I had no idea that the hypnotic experience is within oneself. And you showed us how to get. there, It’s quite an experience, one I will always remember, Thank you very much.”
- Ted Dawes
Hawthorne Kiwanis

 “That was a terrific show, it was Really fun”
- John K.
Skyforest Elks

That was absolutely the funnest time I ever had in my entire life.  It was a total and complete blast.
– Beth Cunningham