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How to plan your most successful singles activity ever, even on a tight budget!

By Doug West


Working to provide satisfying activities for an active singles organization can be an extremely challenging task. A successful singles social calendar for an organization will have dozens of offerings every month, with a need to offer a wide variety of options that appeal to the broad cross-section of a varied membership base. One has to balance offerings that are interesting, yet pricey (like a day-long bus tour through wine country), with more economical offerings (like a pub crawl) that may not have the same excitement.

A successful singles organization also has to be mindful of their competition, and give an incentive to prospective new members to join by offering a host of unique options not seen at a competitor.

This special report will help you to put on a terrific and satisfying singles event that will satisfy your members and reflect positively on your organization, even while on a tight budget.

Let’s begin to see how you can bring in a great program that will satisfy your needs and get rave reviews from your clients!


What’s out there now

Here are some common economical single offerings:

  • Barbecue
  • Pub Crawl
  • Group dinner at a restaurant
  • Cooking class
  • Comedy club


A night at a comedy club is already a popular singles activity because everyone loves to laugh and it’s a relatively inexpensive offering, however common complaints afterward are that they don’t lend themselves well to any interaction between the patrons, and usually the establishment needs to clear everyone out immediately afterwards so they can make room for a late show audience. This usually results in everyone going their separate ways and never having an opportunity to really socialize. Perhaps some will walk to a nearby bar for a post-show drink, but the continuity in the night is over and a lot of your members have already gone home.

Audience Participation Show

As a fresh alternative, this type of show will allow your clients to laugh, participate and be an enormous ice breaker as they can be the stars of the show, and later discuss their experience with anyone who’s interested. You’ll be amazed just how much everyone will talk about it. It’s completely different from any other sort of show offering!


A Program That Will Be the Highlight of Your Organization’s Social Activities

LaffNosis - The Doug West Comedy Hypnosis Show

LaffNosis - The Doug West Comedy Hypnosis show is an outstanding value for your organization and an appealing night out for your clients!

It is a fast-paced, contemporary program that involves your audience keeling over in laughter. It is a program that uses a lot of music and hilarious routines that will keep your audience laughing from beginning to end, without resorting to inappropriate content.

The show is a great way to offer something completely unique and exciting to your event calendar and get you rave reviews. LaffNosis - The Doug West Comedy Hypnosis Show may very well be your organization’s hit of the year. A demo video is available that you can request by phone, fax or email.


The no-risk night out!

Specially formulated for your singles audience, it can be offered for no up-front cost to your organization, and instead paid for on a per-head charge with no minimum attendance. It can also be bought at a flat-rate fee, depending on your needs. Either way it can become a popular staple of your offerings.

Now that we’ve examined some of the current issues in providing activities for organizations like yours, and a possible solution, let’s look at what other factors come into play when planning a successful night out.


Finding a venue

You probably already have several venues that you already use regularly to host various activities. LaffNosis - The Doug West Comedy Hypnosis Show can be presented in just about any venue as long as there is room for the volunteers’ chairs to be set-up and easily viewable to the audience. Some options could be a bar, restaurant, bowling alley, or private banquet room. A lot of restaurants have the facilities to host private functions for large groups and would be an ideal space for this show.

Another consideration with venue selection is the food offerings. Being able to advertise that the food will be a little bit more exciting than chicken wings and French fries will add to the overall appeal of the night.

We will provide all necessary sound equipment so none will need to be installed or provided.

Pre/Post Event Activities

To fill out the event and make it even more satisfying for your clients you may want to add some activities before and after the actual show. A popular ice-breaking option, that we can provide, are some trivia booklets that can be discussed amongst your groups before the show. Your host can then work the room checking on the answers, or the answers can be at the back of the booklet if preferred.

Following the show the host could offer some prizes for the answers to show-related trivia questions such as:

“When Doug West sent our volunteers on a tropical vacation, which island paradise did they travel to?”

As rewards you could perhaps offer some credit vouchers to be used towards future activities with your organization.

Finally, if possible, all your patrons should be encouraged to stay, eat and drink, and socialize with the group as long as they like. Doug West can expedite this by giving the volunteers some positive suggestions about talking about their experience and encouraging everyone to stay. Unlike a comedy club that would clear out the audience to make room for another, most restaurants will be happy to continue to serve your patrons for as long as they want to stay.


Next Step

You may contact us to request more information about LaffNosis - The Doug West Comedy Hypnosis Show. At that time we can determine if we have open dates available for your group’s performance and supply you with some more information, as well as a demo video so you can personally review the performance your group can enjoy.

We will be happy to answer any questions you have.

I urge you to contact me even if you are just curious or uncertain of your interest, since dates are very limited and may already be sold out in your area.

Thank you for your request of this special report and if we currently work with you, I hope you have found some valuable ideas.

If we have not yet started to work together, I hope this is the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship that creates the highlight of your event calendar, even on a tight budget!

Doug West, CHt
Cell: (949) 350-5736

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