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Laffnosis - Fundraising

Imagine holding a fundraiser that was easy, fun and profitable. Would you be surprised if I told you that YES it is possible. If you are expected to coordinate your club’s fundraising efforts and are committed to achieving your group’s financial goals, we can help. “LAFFNOSIS,” the Doug West Comedy Hypnosis show is a proven way for your club to have a very exciting, fun and profitable evening. As you read the following Seven Steps for a Profitable and Fun Evening, you will discover how easy it is to raise much needed cash for your group.


Seven Steps for a Fun and Profitable Evening

  1. Contact Doug at (949) 350-5736 or email
  2. We will arrange a date and time for your show.
  3. We will mail to you the following: posters, tickets, press releases, and a fund raising made easy package.
  4. You allocate the tickets to your members to sell to friends, family fellow students.
  5. On the day of the show we provide the show, music, props and additional tickets if necessary.
  6. Your group and audience has a great time either participating in the show or watching their friends and family member do some really amazing things.
  7. After the show we split up the tickets as follows: The Doug West ComedyHypnosis Show receives the money for the first 50 tickets.  After the first 50 tickets we split 50/50.  As an example: If your groupsells 400 tickets at $10 a ticket your profit for the evening is $1750. Great money, great show!
Can you see how easy, fun and profitable Doug West’s Comedy Hypnosis Show can be for your group?  Are you interested in raising some easy money using a proven method?  When do you think you will give us a call, either now or tomorrow?

Limited Dates are available, Call NOW to schedule your money makingshow.


Hypnotic Fundraising FAQ

Where is the show held?

Usually the show is held in the school’s theatre, multi-purpose room, auditorium or gymnasium.  Booster clubs can usually use these facilities at no cost.

Are tickets hard to sell?

Hypnosis shows are one of the best drawing events at campuses. Hypnosis is intriguing to both students and parents.  People have a chance to become the stars of the show.  It is the ultimate in audience participation, a “REAL” reality show.   Your event will be talked about and remembered for a long time.

You say that you only have limited dates available?

Due to the popularity of LaffNosis - The Doug West Comedy Hypnosis Show many dates have already been booked.  We will work with you so that we can accommodate your schedule. Remember it is important to schedule the show on a day that will not conflict with other school activities.  We have found weekend shows do quite well but weekday shows also draw large happy crowds.

Can we select the people that you will hypnotize?

It would not be fair to the rest of the audience to have a pre-selected set of volunteers.  We believe that all audience members should have a fair chance at being selected to come up on stage.

What are the Risks involved?

Due to numerous requests we have formulated a special fund raising program. The best thing about our plan is that it doesn't cost you or your organization even one dollar to get started!  The show is "NO RISK" to you! I will produce the show and provide everything you need at no cost to you guaranteed. Your community will be excited to attend this terrific program. This show is great entertainment! It's unique and fun. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind and is extremely safe. We take every, and all precautions to ensure the safety of the volunteers and audience.  We are also covered by a $1 million dollar insurance policy.

What is the overhead for the show?

All that we need is a place to perform the show, 15-20 high backed chairs (folding chairs do quite well), and two regular tables.  We provide the posters, tickets, press releases, ads, wireless microphone, music, props, and the entire show.  If your club is interested in making some extra cash you will be allowed to video tape the show and sell copies of the show. 

Why do you do fundraising shows?

As a parent of two active high school students I know how hard it is for booster groups to raise funds. We have done the Car Wash, the Candy Sale, the Raffle, the Casino Night, and although these events did raise some funds each activity usually involved a lot of people donating an enormous amount of time and money.   A Hypnosis show has virtually no overhead and is a very popular event, which makes tickets very easy to sell. Everyone has a great time at the show and it is over in approximately one hour. Count the tickets make a deposit to your account and have fun remembering how much your group enjoyed the show.